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For all our services, we follow a simple 3-steps uncomplicated process.


  1. 1. The initial call/appraisal
  2. 2. The collection of required documents from our client
  3. 3. Receipt of payment and signing of service contract.


After which we go to work – Duration and detailed process flow for each of our services is shared with our individual clients in a service contract based on the service subscribed for.


This 3-steps process flow is applicable to all our services. For tourist, visit, study, work and business visas.


To add to our client’s convenience, we have also introduced a simple 3-installment payment plan to make it easy for our clients on budget to subscribe to our services; we do this for the sake of transparency and to build trust.


Our commitment to you begins from your first inquiry till the point where we meet all your travel needs satisfactorily. We hold your hands and walk you through the entire process from start to finish.


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Finland is not only one of the happiest places in the world to live, but also one of the safest country in the world. Crime rate in the country is extremely low. Finland also offers many great job opportunities for expats and blue collar immigrant workers. see more...

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VISA EXPERTS helps as many people interested in travelling to the U.S for work or tourism purposes to process either work or tourist visas. VISA EXPERTS is focused on providing only three variants of the US Visas for migrants travelling to the U.S. see more...

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Poland has been a popular immigration destination for the last 10 years and the number of immigrants arriving to Poland increases every year because of its open arms towards immigrants and its quest to grow its economy. see more...

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The Czech Republic is a unique country on the map of Europe in terms of cost and quality of life. This relatively small country has had a stable economy for years, which is growing at a steady pace. see more...

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Malta has earned a solid reputation among immigrants and discerning expats as an affordable, welcoming destination. This small European island nation is located in the central Mediterranean, less than a hundred miles south of Sicily, Italy. Because Malta’s latitude is about the same as Los Angeles, it’s one of the warmest, sunniest places to be in Europe over the winter months. see more...

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Visa Experts helps you process both visit and work visas. Though the long-time work visa is mostly our specialty as we help most of our clients find jobs in the healthcare and blue-collar sector under the UK skilled worker visa programme. see more...

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