You can get blue collar jobs. For example: factory worker, warehouse workers, farm workers, school and hospital staff etc. Most of the jobs are basically unskilled work. If you are skilled or have experience and a little more to offer, after arrival to your host country you can choose to apply for a position that best suites your skill, experience and expectations.

Minimum Salary in Poland and Czech Republic are fixed by the Government. You will earn 3,720 PLN (Polish Zloty) - 4,500 PLN (Polish Zloty) ± which is between N800,000 – N1,400,000 or CFA 800,000 – CFA 1,400,000 every month for regular working hours; 8hrs daily, 5 days a week: Monday-Friday. Whilst Malta and Finland is relatively higher. In Malta and Finland you get paid a minimum €1,000 - €1,500 per month.

Some of our employees working over hours earns over 5,000 PLN monthly and almost same in the Czech Republic and between €1,500 - €2,000 in Malta and Finland per month.

You must be an adult (18 Years to 55Years). There is no age limit in our company. However Embassy success ratio is lower above 55 y/o.

Documents processing from Polish/Czech/Malta Employer (i.e Job offer letter and work permit) will take 3 months maximum. Embassy appointment date will come in 1-4 months depends on Embassy availability and the country you apply from.

What Does Visa Expert Africa Do For Me? We guide you throughout the process. From the Start of the process to arrival in Poland, Czech, Malta and or Finland.

Our partners prepare documentation from Poland/Czech Republic/Malta: job offer letter, employment contract, accommodation letter, health insurance etc. hence we are still indirect responsible for your welfare and we look out for your wellbeing through your contract with us and our partners in your host country.

Visa Experts will help you receive all the required documentation from your employers that the embassy require. Visa Experts will help you prepare all the other documentation needed from the clients side and then Visa Experts will help you prepare for the Embassy appointment and Interviews as well.

The process starts with a free consultation with one of our expert consultants, and then when you are satisfied with the information gathered we request for your initial documents like passport and CV and also the initial payment. And voila, the process starts.

Contact our consultant or fill up the service request form on our website, provide all the initial documents required and make a payment to the advised bank account provided on our website.

YES! You can apply from almost any country in the world with the embassies and consulates or the concerned countries (there are no exceptions).